Ivanka and Melania Trump attacked – it’s disgusting

It’s a race to the bottom again as liberals try to see just how low they can go, and prove that they’ll never be satisfied. No matter what you do, if you’re not on their team politically, you are an enemy and that’s all there is to it.

That’s why when Melania and Ivanka Trump decided to make some public comments supporting women’s history during the month of March, the classless bottom-feeders of Twitter had to attack them. Both of the women in the First Family tweeted out their support for Women’s History Month and attempted to draw some attention to various issues affecting women around the world.

In response, liberals went after them because they believe President Trump is somehow in opposition to women. They don’t recognize how many women are in Trump’s cabinet, or how much legislation and initiatives he’s started for women during his first year. Liberals would rather just be nasty and rude to people they don’t know because they think differently. (Read More…)

Over 230 arrested in California illegal immigration bust

Another big bust has been made, and it demonstrates exactly why Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric was right on. Last week, ICE arrested at least 232 people in a massive operation to catch and deport illegal immigrants, particularly those who have committed crimes while in the country.

ICE’s operation took place in Northern California. Despite opposition from California mayors who interfere with ICE, the agency has been very successful in finding and beginning to deport criminals. Of those arrested, 115 had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses or they had past convictions for serious misdemeanors. And now they won’t be out posing a danger to Americans.  (Read More…)

Man repeatedly fires gun before shooting himself outside the White House

What a strange story. A man approached the White House’s North Lawn carrying a concealed firearm on Saturday and stood outside the fence in a large group of people. For reasons that are still unclear, this man took out his weapon and fired it, but not at the White House, seemingly to cause alarm and create a commotion.

He hit no one, but instead turned the gun on himself and committed suicide right there outside the fence with about a hundred people nearby. The incident is under investigation, but it looks like it could have just been a disturbed individual ending his life in a rather unusual way. We’ll see what happens but it seems quite tragic. (Read More…)

Michelle Obama confirms she won’t be running for president in 2020

It’s remarkable just how many times Michelle Obama has turned down her many fans when they call for her to run for President. First, it’s interesting because there’s little indication that she is in any way qualified for the position, and second, that people just won’t seem to give up. Michelle did little more than jeopardize her husband’s campaign early on, and she’s shown relatively little political ability since.

What it really demonstrates is just how slim the pickings are for presidential candidates in the Democratic party. The party is full of old ideologues or young virtue signallers who seem to want fame and recognition over results. I’m glad that Michelle isn’t running, but I have no idea who they’ll put up in 2020. (Read More…)

Trump responds to EU attacks with tax threat on European cars

Yet another campaign promise is delivered upon. In 2016 on the campaign trail, Trump promised to do something to help American steelworkers while addressing the massive trade deficits between America and other countries. So last week on Thursday he announced that the United States would enact a tariff on imported steel.

The media went absolutely berzerk, saying that the President was starting a trade war, which is just untrue. There’s been a trade war for decades now, we’ve just been losing it. If the trade arrangements were genuinely free, and the relationship between our country and others were actually fair, this wouldn’t be happening.

But instead, those countries have been taking advantage of American free trade policies while their markets have been unavailable for some of our goods. Americans are fed up with it and Trump is finally doing something about it. (Read More…)

Barack Obama skipped Billy Graham’s memorials and funeral

After leaving office, Barack Obama has really demonstrated just what kind of person he is. When it doesn’t score points that he can use to leverage his political capital, he just doesn’t care. When American religious and spiritual icon Billy Graham passed away last month, President Obama did little more than send out a tweet.

While other Presidents and political figures visited his burial site or attended his memorial service, President Obama couldn’t be bothered to do either. It may be that all of the noise former President Obama made about his religious life was really for political expediency. Take, for instance, how he used Rev. Wright to gain access to certain political demographics, and how quickly Obama dropped him when the American public correctly found Wright’s sermons distasteful.

Obama is a fraud. If he really cared about America’s religious health, and the figures who tend to that health, then he would make it his business to pay his respects to Graham’s life and legacy. (Read More…)

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