BREAKING: Joe Biden CRASHES – America In Chaos

It’s getting kind of scary just how bad Joe Biden has been as president of the United States of America.

An NPR poll recently revealed that his approval rating had sunk to a record low of only 41% among American adults.

His disapproval rating has rocketed up to 55% as well, with over 4/5 of that group saying they STRONGLY disapprove.

Is this really a surprise? Not to us, obviously, Biden’s been doing an objectively terrible job. But what is surprising is the mainstream media acting shocked that independents have turned on Biden as well.

Independents have soured entirely on Joe Biden, jumping 30 points on their disapproval rating for Biden compared to NPR’s last poll.

The numbers DO tell the story, but honestly anyone who needs them to realize that WE DON’T WANT JOE has not been paying attention.

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