IT’S OVER – Vote Held – The Senate Is…

It is officially over. A stunning vote was just held that may reverberate in 2020’s election. A crucial state’s House and Senate have flipped control for the first time in years.

“Democrats have secured total control in Richmond—the governorship and both chambers of the General Assembly—for the first time since 1993,” tweeted Politico reporter Ally Mutnick about the Virginia elections held this Tuesday.

Democrats in the Virginia Senate now have a 21-18 edge over Republicans, while the Democrats’ House of Delegates majority currently stands at 53-43. The mainstream media is ecstatic, of course, but they shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Virginia has been trending bluer every election. Former President Barack Obama won the state twice; Donald Trump lost it to Hillary Clinton in 2016. There’s a decent the Democratic nominee will win Virginia again.

This is why it’s important to challenge the anti-Trump narrative being pushed by Democrats and the media. Trump doesn’t need Virginia to win re-election — he didn’t need the state in 2016, and he doesn’t need it in 2020.

So, while what happened in Virginia is politically historic, it was also bound to happen eventually — given the state’s trend. The last Republican candidate to win the state was then-President George W. Bush in 2004.

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