It’s Over… Supreme Court Victory Shocks Millions

All eyes are once again on campaigns in battleground states to help gauge the temperature for the upcoming 2020 election, and a major Supreme Court victory just threw the conversation into a full-blown frenzy.

In the crucial state of Wisconsin, the conservative candidate for state Supreme Court, Brian Hagedorn, has defeated liberal Lisa Neubauer by a margin of 50.2-percent to 49.8-percent. The candidates are separated by about 6,000 votes.

Given the political climate, especially in a ‘purple’ state like Wisconsin where not long ago Democrats defeated incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker, this represents a major setback for liberal groups and activists. Hagedorn ran on a platform of defending the Constitution and won.

Hagedorn said, “I am deeply humbled and grateful that the people of Wisconsin have placed their trust in me. “I said that partisan politics has no place at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, that I would protect the public, and that our job is to uphold the Constitution as written.”

“I meant every word,” Hagedorn continued, “and I will endeavor to fulfill these promises with all my ability.” The Trump campaign has no doubt taken note. Liberals, by contrast, aren’t nearly as enthusiastic as Hagedorn and his supporters; they’re panicking.

Slate Magazine, a far-left publication that carries water for the Democratic Party, lamented that Hagedorn’s victory guarantees “that the state Supreme Court will have an entrenched conservative majority until at least August 2023.”

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