IT’S OVER – Donald J. Trump Stuns The Nation…

President Trump has decided to go on the offensive leading into the 2020 election. The impeachment inquiry may be the end of Democrat hopes to unseat Trump next year. Trump is angry and so is his base.

The Democrats have yet to show real evidence of why Trump should be impeached, and instead, the last two months have created chaos nationwide.

Americans sent Donald Trump to Washington to end the political games, and Democrats have done nothing but play games in an attempt to remove Trump.

The people who wanted to see Washington cleaned up elected Trump in 2016, and now thanks to Democrat antics they will likely elect him in 2020.

For the longest time, the people backing Trump could be seen as the silent majority. But now Trump believes they will be the angry majority in 2020 and vote accordingly.

The last three years have been nothing but insane politics. Trump has been attempting to drain the swamp and the swamp is fighting back.

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