BREAKING: Barack And Michelle Are Calling It Quits – It’s Over…

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are officially calling it quits.

Three years after signing an exclusive deal with Spotify, the pair are leaving the platform.

It is expected that the two will part ways with Spotify after the three-year deal they signed in 2019 expires in October.

The couple’s podcast had been exclusive to the platform.

At this time, there are no plans for a new contract.

According to Breitbart, the problem that the Obama’s had with Spotify was its exclusivity.

The Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, is looking for a partner that would allow the firm to publish media on a variety of different platforms.

The Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, is reportedly seeking a partner that would allow the firm to produce several shows and release them across multiple platforms simultaneously. Spotify generally seeks exclusivity from its famous personalities in an effort to attract users to its platform, notably popular podcaster Joe Rogan removed his podcast from other platforms when he signed a deal with Spotify for $200 million in May 2020.

Higher Ground is reportedly negotiating with multiple other potential partners, including Amazon’s Audible and iHeartMedia for a deal worth tens of millions of dollars. The Obamas are reportedly aiming to appear in an eight-episode program as part of the new deal.

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