BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Devastated By Shocking Report – It’s Over…

Keep in mind, this poll was conducted by CNN. It wasn’t some guy in his dark basement, and it sure wasn’t from some alt-right group. This was from CNN, who will do anything and everything they can to make liberals look as good as possible at all times.

This poll was from CNN, and they STILL couldn’t fudge the numbers enough to make it look like democrats will win their upcoming midterms.

Fourty-four percent of the voters polled said they would prefer to vote for a generic Republican, compared to only 43% who suggested they would lean toward a generic Democrat.

There were some outliers in other options, 6% said neither, 3% said other, 2% did not plan on voting, and 1% said no option.

Republicans had collected 44% of those surveyed in CNN’s previous two polls of this nature. The difference then was that they claimed 49% of voters were leaning toward the Democrat. This means liberals have fallen six points since the last survey.

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