IT’S OFFICIAL: War Has Started – Nation Stunned

Breitbart’s John Nolte said in an op-ed that after growing up in a poor neighborhood in Milwaukee in the 1980s, he believes that the left’s war on police “is a war on black people.”

The high crime environment traps people, not police or racism, Nolte said, because it’s extremely difficult to get a better job without a car when it is stolen, or to save money to move to a higher income area when your place is robbed and you need to replace your stuff instead.

“This system is put in place by design, to keep people down, to keep them from becoming a complacent member of the middle class,” Nolte said, adding that history shows Democrats were responsible for putting the system in place.

“Name any city where black Americans live in poverty,  suffer the worst oppression, and deal with poorly trained police officers who are immature and overly aggressive, and you will discover a city run by Democrats,” Nolte concluded.

“[President Donald] Trump is dedicated to improving the lives of black Americans, and his criminal justice reforms and economic policies are working,” Nolte said, noting the improvements in black incomes, unemployment rates, and crime rates under Trump. “The left could not afford to allow that to continue.”

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