It’s Official: She’s Running In 2020

After an embarrassing public apology to the entire Cherokee Nation for identifying as Native American, one might expect Sen. Elizabeth Warren to lay low for a while.

Instead, she’s running for president.

The controversial Massachusetts Democrat announced her 2020 bid Saturday on the steps of a former cotton mill. Warren is staking her White House hopes on a populist, economically-focused agenda to fire up her base and divert voters’ attention from her debunked claim of Native American ancestry, which some say she used as a ploy to advance her academic career.

Even without the Cherokee Nation debacle, Warren has a rough road ahead of her. Voters attracted to her message of fighting for the economic empowerment of middle-class workers will want to know how her support of the financially devastating, American jobs killing Green New Deal fits that agenda. Others have expressed concern that Warren just isn’t strong enough to face off against an opponent as aggressive as Donald Trump.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

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