It’s Official: McConnell Makes The Call – He’s Doing It

Americans sent more reinforcements to the U.S. Senate for President Trump last November, and now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is ready to take advantage of it. He just made a huge call — he’s really doing it this time.

McConnell is preparing to execute the ‘nuclear option’ to push through Trump’s judicial nominees and other key positions. “I come to the floor to discuss the unprecedented obstruction that has faced President Trump’s nominees,” he declared.

He said that it’s gone on “for the past 26 months and counting” and now “the Senate is going to do something about it,” echoing the desire of voters for more progress to be made on the president’s agenda. After all, the GOP has 53 seats now. It’s time to use them.

It also cannot be overstated how the end of Mueller’s witchhunt has emboldened Republicans. For McConnell, it means having the political capital to get tighter control on the Senate, where he says the “status quo is unsustainable.”

He went on to call business-as-usual “unfair to this president and the future presidents of either party. It cannot stand … it will not stand.” And when McConnell sets his mind to a goal, he accomplishes it. You don’t get as far as he has by playing pattycake.

In short, the procedural vote he’s set up in the Senate would close debate on Senate Resolution 50, a measure to reduce the amount of time Trump’s nominees have to wait for confirmation. If it’s defeated, McConnell is now committed to going nuclear.

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