It’s Happening: Shock TERM LIMITS Announcement

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held a hearing Tuesday on his constitutional amendment to introduce term limits for Congress. Cruz is advocating a limit of two terms (12 years) for senators and two terms (six years) for representatives.

Cruz said that while those elected to Congress come into office with good intentions to make positive changes, they soon begin to justify bad decisions by saying that they have to get re-elected in order to be able to change anything.

He compared what happens in Congress to “The Godfather,” saying that Michael Corleone was a “good son” who ends up justifying a lot of bad decisions as time goes on and eventually becomes a mass murderer. “In much the same way, I think elected members of Congress, they make small concessions too.”

Former Republican Sen. Jim DeMint also testified in favor of term limits, but joked, “I don’t think any one of us want to suggest that our un-term-limited colleagues are mass murderers.”

While term limits would cut down on some of the abuses found in Congress and help, as Cruz said, “drain the swamp,” they wouldn’t have a big impact on Congress for at least a decade. For current members of Congress, the limits wouldn’t begin until the amendment passed, giving Cruz and other current senators at least 12 more years.

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