BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Election Shocker – It’s DONE

The number is so great, that it looks like a typo.

It’s not.

Trump-endorsed candidates have won 129 out of their 137 primary elections.

That’s almost 95%.

Trump is no stranger to winning, and winning big.

This week’s record of 12 winning endorsements against only one losing one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

After all, we’re talking about the man that has had the most votes cast for him to be president in the history of America.

Despite the left telling you that nobody ever liked Trump, the man has collected almost 140 MILLION votes for president across two elections.

No other candidate has ever come close to those types of numbers.

Donald Trump is a winner. He endorses winners.

And in the rare case he endorses a loser, they’re probably about to become a winner very soon.

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