BREAKING: Dr. Fauci’s Virus Conspiracy Finally EXPOSED – It’s Been a LIE

The Wall Street Journal usually isn’t too keen to go after Biden and his minions.

But when the news broke about Tony Fauci and Francis Collins launching a smear campaign against doctors who didn’t agree with total lockdowns, WSJ reacted like the rest of America: harshly.

When other doctors penned the Great Barrington Declaration, which said that lockdowns would have “devastating effects on short and long-term public health,” Fauci and Francis Collins were NOT pleased.

Collins reaction to the declaration was to immediately message Tony Fauci that there needs to be “a quick and devastating published take down of The Great Barrington Declaration’s premises.”

Despite the immense popularity of the Declaration, which was signed by Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt of Stanford, Collins and Fauci knew that America accepting a total lockdown was far preferable to the liberal party.

Now, even other liberals know that Fauci’s decisions weren’t based on what was best for citizens, but best for him and Biden.

Even the Wall Street Journal realized that the doctors Collins and Fauci were trying to paint as “fringe epidemiologists” were actual very well-respected medical professionals.

Fauci should be in jail, not leading the country’s medical decisions.

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