It’s About Time: Trey Gowdy Goes Public…

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy advised Republicans to “set low expectations” for former special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony later this month.

“What should Republicans do? They should prepare… the other members need to prepare and they need to think in terms of trenches or buckets,” Gowdy said on the Fox News show Hannity Monday night. But in spite of preparation, Gowdy acknowledged that Republicans weren’t too likely to get much information from Mueller.

“Did Mueller bother to find out whether or not the Russian government was feeding that dirt through. Christopher Steele to Fusion G.P.S.? Did he even ask? And the legal issue that is really important… If you can resist an unlawful arrest can you really obstruct an unpredicted investigation? Which is why it’s important where Muller began,” Gowdy opined.

“Set low expectations… It’s five minutes. It’s impossible to unlock the mysteries of the world in five minutes,” Gowdy added.

Democrats want more information on Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump and on the report he released at the close of the investigation, while Republicans want to know how the investigation was begun and what evidence was used to decide to open the investigation.

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