BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Putin Conspiracy – Money Sent To Russia For…

House Minority Whip Representative Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, recently pulled back the curtain on Biden’s tactics that are aiding Vladimir Putin.

According to Scalise, the things that Biden claims he is doing are just about the exact opposite of how things are turning out.

For example, Biden claims to support Ukraine and be tough on Putin. His actions have shown he’s actually interested in neither.

“President Biden is acting like he’s all supportive of Ukraine, that he’s standing up to Putin,” Scalise began. “He hasn’t stood up to Putin. He’s handed Putin the checkbook, the financing tools to fund this war.”

“Look, just a few weeks ago, President Biden put a ban, a freeze on all new oil and gas permits, all of them. This is after the federal courts pushed back on his cost of carbon limited federal lands ban that he put in place. He went even wider with it. We’ve got to call him out. I’ve called him out to reverse these policies immediately. You don’t support the people of Ukraine if you’re funding the guy, Putin, who is invading Ukraine if you’re funding his war, which you’re doing by importing oil because he shut off American energy. Open up American energy. They keep talking about carbon, what’s the carbon footprint of this war? What’s the carbon footprint of Russian oil? It’s higher than American oil. We actually have better standards. We should be making all of our energy and exporting to our friends and not taking in any from Russia.”

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