It Was Soros – We Have Confirmed It

Socialist billionaire George Soros has his hand in countless left-wing causes, and now we know he’s directly tied to this nefarious plan hatched by liberals in Congress.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called ‘Green New Deal’ is being promoted by the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a group that George Soros’ Open Foundation Society has funded to the tune of over $1,000,000.

But it doesn’t end there. Ocasio-Cortez’s disastrous initiative has other backers tied to Soros as well. People’s Action, under its former name of National People’s Action, received $1.2 million from Soros and is also promoting the Green New Deal.

Then there’s The Tides Foundation — a group partly financed by Soros and his foundations — which has donated to, another group promoting Ocazio-Cortez’s plan. Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are also involved and have received Soros money.

It is no surprise that Soros is seeking passage of the Green New Deal. The plan, recently unveiled by Ocasio-Cortez and now supported by over 45 House Democrats, represents “nothing less than a total overhaul of our national infrastructure,” admits the liberal New Yorker magazine.

President Trump has sounded the alarm as well. “I really don’t like their policy of taking away your car, of taking away your airplane rights,” said Trump as a recent rally. “It would shut down American energy.” Let’s pass on the Green New Deal.

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