BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY – Intentional Act Shocks Nation

Representative Markwayne Mullin, a Republican from Oklahoma, is running for the open Senate seat left by Republican Jim Inhofe.

He recently made the announcement that Biden’s actions regarding America’s southern border may be much more sinister than even the most cynical of us would have realized.

Mullin’s bombshell was this: Biden isn’t incompetent at the border. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Joe’s got a plan. Unfortunately for America, it’s going just as he drew it up.

According to Mullin, Biden has created and maintained an international crisis by deliberately damaging national security at the border.

Next month, he intends to do even more damage by letting Title 42 expire.

The reason for this?

Mullin knows that it’s to increase the size of the liberal voting base.

Think about it, since mean old Republicans are the ones wanting to keep illegal immigrants out, who do these people feel like they owe just after crossing the border?

That’s right. It’s Joe Biden. And he’s hoping they’ll do whatever it takes to repay him come election season.

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