BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets DEVASTATING Verdict – It’s OVER

When Joe Biden’s brutal “Build Back Better” spending plan absolutely bombed, Biden and the rest of liberals assured America that we were making a grave mistake.

As usual, Joe couldn’t have been more wrong. The January jobs report shows that we really never needed Biden’s agenda in the first place.

After Democrat Joe Manchin dealt the death blow to Biden’s plan by refusing to agree to it, liberals tried to lure him back in by presenting the bill to him in sections, hoping they could get at least some of it passed. We needed at least part of the bill to create jobs in America, Biden claimed.

It simply wasn’t true.

The American people are way better at creating jobs than the federal government is, and the January jobs report proves it. While Joe tried to shut us down because of the Omicron variant, the American people simply took matters into their own hands.

The economy, and those within it, benefitted as a result. You’d think that liberals would look at this and realize that in order for businesses to be successful, we have to let them be run by their owners, not the government. Then again, this is the Democratic party we’re talking about. They’re not interested in common sense, they’re interested in power.

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