BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Devastating News – It’s Over…

It’s going from bad to worse for Nancy Pelosi.

Just a few days ago, her 82-year-old husband Paul Pelosi caught the sentiment that the law doesn’t apply to him and decided to drive under the influence.

He caused an accident, because of course he did.

Luckily, nobody was killed, and Pelosi ended up behind bars like he deserved.

Of course, the family money got him out pretty quick, but for a brief moment, the Pelosi’s were NOT above the law.

That attitude of demanding we mask up and stay inside while she goes to the hairdresser maskless is exactly why America hates Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently the feelings of self-entitlement run in the family because Paul Pelosi was pretty sure that the law doesn’t apply to him either.

That’s why the midterm outlook is so bleak for Pelosi and her entire party.

Pelosi represents everything that America hates about the liberal party:

She overpromises impossible things to people stupid enough to listen and then pays for it out of the paychecks of people proud enough to work.

Of course she takes her cut, then parlays that into big winnings using her insider trading info.

America knows exactly what she’s all about. They hate HER and their party. She’s one of the MAIN reasons liberals are so far behind in the 2022 midterm polls.

It’s not a matter of IF the red wave is coming. It is. It’s a matter of how big the red wave will be?

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