BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Newest Diagnosis Rocks Democrats – It’s OVER

A recent Harvard poll has shown that most Americans believe former President Donald Trump was a better commander-in-chief that his successor Sleepy Joe Biden.

The survey, taken in January of 2022, asked almost 2,000 people who they thought was or “has been” a better president, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

A majority, 53%, said that Trump was the better president. Simple math tells us that only 47% of those surveyed responded that they thought Joe Biden was the better man.

Piling on to Biden’s failures, the same survey found Trump leading a 2024 matchup against Joe Biden by six points, 46% to 40%.

The survey comes almost exactly one year into Biden’s presidency, and now that Americans have spent some quality time with the man, we’ve come to the realization that we hate the old liar’s guts.

We’d love it if he was doing a good job. What’s good for America is good for us, after all. But the down and dirty truth is that Biden’s NOT doing a good job, and Americans are catching on.

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