It Happened: Joe Biden FALLS…

Former Vice President Joe Biden just fell, and the news is sending shockwaves through the DC establishment. People can’t believe this happened.

A new Iowa poll shows Biden slipping in support as other candidates — such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — are gaining on him. If this trend continues, Biden might not be the Democratic nominee after all.

Since March, Biden has fallen by 3% and now sits at 24% support. This means he’s still in the lead, however, Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t far behind with 16% — but he’s dropped by 9% since March. Warren and Buttigieg are surging.

Warren has gained 6% since March, placing her in third place. Buttigieg has gained a whopping 13% and is now in a statistically dead heat with Warren. Democrat voters appear to be warming to the mayor from Indiana.

This means Biden is going to have to further separate himself from the pack. And, with the Democratic Party’s base becoming increasingly radical, the political waters are dangerous for someone like Biden.

But if the former Vice President still manages to pull off the win by maintaining his core support, President Trump will be ready. Joe “Low IQ” Biden won’t stand a chance against Trump.

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