IT FAILED – Dems In Disarray – Pelosi Panics…

The impeachment push from Democrats is quickly collapsing and it is time for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to start panicking.

Democrats have gone all-in on impeachment before any evidence of wrongdoing on President Trump’s part emerged.

Now, according to Sean Hannity, Republicans are “daring” Democrats to hold a real vote on impeachment.

Hannity spelled out the grim reality for Democrats. “This is turning out to be another spectacular political fail for Democrats and their allies and stenographers in the media.”

With the 2020 election rapidly approaching, a defeat of such magnitude would all but seal the fate of the Democrat party.

The American people will not take kindly to a stunt like this. Attempting to impeach a President on an evidenceless claim should discredit the Democrat party for a generation.

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