Israel Peace Agreement – It’s Happening – Oh My Gosh

A peace agreement with Israel was just made in the Middle East. This is a historic moment — it’s really happening now. The news is confirmed.

“The bloody conflict has dragged on for too long. For us the Saudis, as well as for all the Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan, it is clear that the age of war with Israel has ended,” announced a top Saudi Arabian diplomat.

He continued by saying that “normalizing relations will only benefit us” and the “entire Arab world can benefit from this, not only the Palestinians, and of course also Israel.”

The Saudi diplomat even criticized the Palestinian government for “irresponsibly” attacking President Trump’s plan to forge a lasting peace in the Middle East between Israel and historically hostile nations in the region.

The importance of this moment cannot be overstated. When a Saudi Arabian official — who had to speak on condition of anonymity — declares that the war with Israel is over, it’s time to listen.

Trump’s strong relationship with Saudi Arabian has also had a measurable impact on talks What’s been accomplished here is incredible, and it’s time to restore the Nobel Peace Prize’s integrity by awarding it to Trump.

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