Iran Releases Horrifying Threat

The Iranian regime is doubling down on its repression of the recent demonstrations against its authority.

A key member of the regime just warned protestors that if they damage property or violate public order, they will ‘pay the price.’ Scary and blunt words from the government considering twelve demonstrators have died in the last few days. There’s been no recent election or event, so why are these protests happening now?

In short, the current reformist President Rouhani was making some headway in Iran to bring moderate changes and open the country to the international economy. As much as he did, he couldn’t make up for the spending problems that the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini, created by propping up the fundamentalist Shia theocracy in Iran. The lower classes are starting to notice how much money goes to these organizations, and they’re not very happy about it. These protests show no signs of stopping soon. (Read More…)

Video exposing MSNBC for disastrous ‘reporting’ goes viral

MSNBC is pretty terrible. They would be as bad as CNN, but at least they don’t pretend to be neutral. That said, the network’s shows are often difficult to watch, and riddled with errors and nonsense.

The Washington Free Beacon decided to make a great highlight reel of some of MSNBC’s most ridiculous moments. You can see Brian Williams (before he was fired) saying “our job tonight is actually to scare people to death on this subject” and a variety of other misleading stories.

The video had about 13,000 views when our article first posted, and it has over 20,000 right now. It’s definitely worth the watch! (Read More…)

Insider: Nancy Pelosi won’t be Speaker of the House even if Democrats win – she’s over

New York politician Tom Borelli just made a shocking prediction. He thinks that, no matter what happens in the 2018 midterm elections, Nancy Pelosi will no longer be the Speaker of the House. That sounds like a win to me. Even if she’s replaced by someone similar, at least we won’t have to listen to her particular brand of political hackery anymore.

Borelli also said that he thinks Democrats will suffer from their habit of apocalyptic hysteria over every policy or law change. You know, like net neutrality or tax reform? If you believed what Dems were saying, the internet would be unrecognizable now. But, of course, it’s not. Hopefully, both of Borelli’s predictions are correct. (Read More…)

Report: FBI and DOJ agents gave cash to Hillary’s campaign – every single day

In the event that anyone was still undecided on whether government bureaucrats in DC are biased, a new report should settle that question for good. Lifezette recently reported that for every day of Hillary’s presidential run, a donation was made to her campaign by a member of the Department of Justice or the FBI.

Every single day.

Just for the sake of comparison: candidate Clinton received 268 total donations from the two executive bodies, while candidate Trump received only 61. Too bad for Hillary that all those donations still produced a monumental defeat. Most importantly, this report demonstrates just how biased these agencies are, and how cluttered with Obama appointees and staffers they were upon Trump’s arrival. How can we as Americans expect impartiality in investigations under these circumstances? We can’t. (Read More…)

5 police officers shot by gunman near Denver, 1 confirmed dead

Tragedy has struck in Denver, Colorado. In Douglas County, a mentally unstable Army veteran opened fire on police officers. Apparently, the man had recently made social media posts about how he disliked a sheriff and wanted to do harm to the police.

The officers involved were responding to a disturbance reported by the man’s neighbors. The police arrived on the scene and spoke to the man for about a half hour before he decided to barricade himself in his bedroom and fire shots at the officers. Over 100 rounds were fired between the officers and the suspect.

One officer was reportedly killed, and 5 were injured in the incident. This is certainly a terrible way for those families to begin the new year. Our thoughts and prayers are with these officers and their families. May the deceased officer, Zackari Parrish, rest in peace, and may his injured colleagues recover quickly. (Read More…)

Trump tells Americans a Democrat win in November would ‘totally kill’ the economy

President Trump’s economic metrics have been absolutely stellar. For being just one year in, and having only one major legislative victory, the economy should hardly reflect any president’s presence as much as it has under Trump.

It has, because the business community understands that Trump wants the American economy to succeed and that he’s serious about getting that done. Gone is the Obama era of trying to create social justice utopia, and returned is the free-market capitalism that has made America such an incredible economic powerhouse.

As well as he’s doing, there’s a possibility that Democrat Party victories next year could undo so much of Trump’s progress. And that’s precisely what he’s concerned about. He fired off some tweets this weekend warning Americans about the consequences of making the wrong decisions at the ballot box come 2018. Let’s hope everyone listens. (Read More…)

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