INDICTMENT ALERT – Trump Is Reportedly Fuming

An indictment alert just dropped and President Trump is reportedly fuming. Democrats will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda, even if that means taking down good people.

Appearing on Fox News, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy scorched Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt and said that Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser, didn’t deserve to be prosecuted.

In fact, McCarthy concluded that Flynn should have never been touched by the federal government in the first place. He also accused Mueller’s team of withholding crucial information that would’ve helped Flynn’s case.

This kind of information is called “exculpatory,” and it’s the government’s responsibility “to disclose to the defense any material exculpatory information that’s in the government’s files,” said McCarthy.

Flynn’s legal team is playing hardball with the Department of Justice (DOJ) on this matter for good reason. They believe that the FBI documents they’re being denied access to are of crucial import to Flynn’s defense.

McCarthy is hoping that President Trump will pardon him, however, he recognized during the interview that “maybe the politics of 2020 makes it difficult to do at this point.”

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