Independent Counsel Turns On Clinton – It’s Happening

The Clinton family and their Democratic allies are ducking for cover once again as a well-known prosecutor makes a damning revelation on national television.

Famous lawyer Ken Starr, who took Bill Clinton to the woodshed in the late 1990s over the Whitewater and Lewinsky scandals, appeared on Mark Levin’s show to call out the Clintons and the media for their total hypocrisy.

Starr noted how the media’s coverage of his investigation is vastly different from their coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Reporters conducted stakeouts at Starr’s home to get the latest shot of him, yet Mueller has been left alone.

Pointing out that Meuller hasn’t been interviewed since he started his investigation in the spring of 2017, Levin said, “I don’t even know what Robert Mueller’s voice sounds like.”

Starr jokingly said it must be “very nice” for Mueller that he is off-limits for criticism from the press. “There has to be a treaty of peace [that] we’re going to leave him alone,” he said, pointing out the mainstream media’s double-standard.

Americans paying attention know the obvious reason: Anyone who goes after a Republican is protected, while anyone who tries to hold a Democrat accountable is dragged through the mud. That’s because it’s about politics, not doing the right thing.

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