Impeachment VOTE Shocker – Pelosi Is Now…

An impeachment vote shocker just dropped. The anti-Trump effort from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her puppet, Rep. Adam Schiff, is in a terminal phase.

Rush Limbaugh explained it all on his program this week. Democrats are claiming “that their impeachment inquiry is going to take longer than planned,” said Limbaugh, and it’s not for the reason they are telling us.

If you listen to the Democrats and their media cohorts talk, the inquiry is taking longer because they “are learning of so many abuses they didn’t even know about,” he said. The truth is actually “the exact opposite.”

Limbaugh continued: “They aren’t finding any impeachable evidence. That’s the problem! But Adam Schiff and his band of just despicable partisans is reporting they’re learning so much.”

He went on to remind listeners that Schiff is the same person who couldn’t find any evidence of Trump-Russia ‘collusion,’ and he now expects Americans to believe that this inquiry is going to produce results. We just have to wait a little longer.

“Bu know how we know that’s a lie?” asked Limbaugh. “Because if there was any new dirt on Trump, Schiff would have immediately leaked it to the New York Times or the Washington Post.”

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