Impeachment Testimony SHOCKER… He Stunned Millions

An impeachment testimony shocker just dropped, and it’s spreading like wildfire nationwide. A top Trump official has stunned millions of Americans with his admission.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, plans to resign his position in November — and he’s made it clear that he will not comply with the Democrats’ partisan effort to impeach President Trump.

“My general counsel has told me not to participate in what they consider to be an unprecedented effort to try to use an inquiry in an unlawful way,” said Perry. He has every right to stall as long as possible.

Here’s why: Historically, the House has held a full vote on the floor on the matter of opening an impeachment inquiry. However, Democrats have intentionally done the opposite and excluded Republican members from the process.

Also, even the Constitution clearly says in article 1, section 2, that the House of Representatives “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” This doesn’t mean just the Speaker of the House or one party; this means the entire House.

As for Perry’s future plans after leaving his post, he has not announced anything yet. But he recently tweeted that working for Trump “has been the honor of a lifetime” and now “the U.S. leads the world in energy production.”

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