Impeachment Poll SHOCKER – This Changes Everything

October 27, 2019

A new poll by McLaughlin and Associates found that 52% of those surveyed agreed that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is a political stunt, while only 36% thought it is being done for legal reasons.

47% of respondents also thought Trump was right not to cooperate with impeachment because it isn’t being conducted fairly and openly, while only 33 percent disagreed.

59% said impeachment was a waste of time and taxpayer dollars and thought Democrats should work with Republicans on legislative priorities instead.

A previous Gallup poll that reported 52% of Americans favored Trump’s impeachment and removal has now been found to have serious problems, including the possible inclusion of illegal immigrants and non-citizens in the results and the weighting of Democrat answers more heavily than Republican ones.

McLaughlin and Associates also correctly predicted Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.

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