Impeachment plan released – it has begun

It looks like George Soros has a new ally in the fight to undermine democratic legitimacy in the United States.  If one massive hedge fund billionaire weren’t enough, there’s another ready to try and attack President Trump for no apparent reason.

Tom Steyer also made his riches from the hedge fund business, and he’s incredibly liberal. He’s launching a television commercial attacking Trump and trying to convince Americans to try and impeach him. Steyer believes that Trump’s reaction to the previous round of Mueller indictments (the 13 Russian nationals and 3 companies) is somehow sufficient reason for his impeachment.

His entire initiative is called”need to impeach” just in case anyone is curious about his end goal. Steyer, just like Soros, is an embarrassment, and his efforts will only waste efforts and potentially inspire unstable people to do terrible things. Everyone’s had enough of these guys. (Read More…)

Pennsylvania Democrat mayor faces decades in prison after being found guilty of corruption

Another Democrat bites the dust. Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski was just convicted by a jury, and he’s going to be serving some serious time. Of the 54 corruption charges leveled against him, he was found guilty of 47. Conspiracy, bribery, attempt to extort, lying to officials, are just some of the charges. That’s a pretty terrible way to end a 12-year career, Mr. Pawlowski.

These felony charges usually bring roughly 20-year sentences, and he’s bound to serve quite a few. He’ll likely never make it out of prison again. It’s a sad fate, but this is exactly why you don’t commit crimes. Especially when you’re a trusted politician who everyone expects will be ethical. When will these Democrats learn? (Read More…)

State of Emergency declared in Maryland for winter storm ‘Riley’

The U.S. has just been getting battered over the last few months. From fires to tornadoes, to major winter storms, it’s been really brutal. Riley just finished sweeping through the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to Maine. Heavy winds and some rain still remain in the aftermath of this major storm.

Power outages occurred in many states, to the tune of 2 million in total. One-quarter of those outages were in Maryland which was hit hardest. Not since Hurricane Sandy have so many people been out of power. At the peak, 480,000 people were without power. Seven lives have been claimed in the storm, two of which, tragically, were children. America needs a break from mother nature’s wrath.

I’ll be praying for the families of those who passed away. (Read More…)

Nunes letter reveals the FBI may have violated criminal statutes in FISA scandal

Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo from last month created political shockwaves which have been in effect ever since. He’s authored another letter, which he sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, further diving into the FISA warrant scandal. The letter was discussed this week on Fox News’s Hannity.

According to Hannity, the letter shows how the FBI broke the law and protocol in order to obtain the warrant. Hannity wasn’t able to go into much detail, probably because the letter hasn’t been released yet. But if this letter is accurate, the FBI will be looking particularly terrible, which is saying a lot given their past. Not only would they have broken the law and their own rules, but they have been trying to keep it quiet ever since.  (Read More…)

Shootings in Chicago kill three and wound six but get almost no media attention

Gun control is so much of what we’ve heard about since the Las Vegas shooting late last year. The discussion tends to revolve around rifles, one-off murderers, and unstable politically-motivated killers. But these people and these incidents account for a remarkably small portion of gun-related violence in the country.

Nearly all of it occurs from handguns in urban areas related to gang violence. In Chicago, in just under 24 hours, three people were killed and six wounded, and you’ll notice the media is all but entirely silent. Why? It goes against their narrative. Inner city and gang violence are responsible for the vast majority of murders in the country, let alone gun-related murder.

It’s too difficult a problem for them to acknowledge or address because you can’t blame an inanimate object or evil conservatives for protecting constitutional rights. This is why they never solve problems, they just exacerbate them. (Read More…)

Colorado Democrat expelled over sexual misconduct allegations in historic 52-9 vote

Democrats really aren’t doing well on the reputation front. For the first time in a century, the Colorado legislature voted almost unanimously to expel Rep. Steve Lebsock. Lebsock was removed for stunning allegations of sexual abuse made, of all people, by other lawmakers. For instance, Rep. Faith Winter said that Lebsock accosted her at a holiday party in 2016.

It got so bad in the Colorado legislature that two male lawmakers started wearing bullet-proof vests after they came out to support the allegations made against Lebsock. Lebsock has denied the allegations, but the evidence and quantity of accusations made against him have been at least enough to have him removed from his position. It may well lead to criminal charges soon. (Read More…)

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