Impeachment Bombshell – Top Republican Confirms It

An impeachment bombshell just dropped, and the news is rapidly spreading nationwide. A top Republican has confirmed the truth — it is all over now.

Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, one of the committees spearheading the farcical, anti-Trump impeachment inquiry. But he joined fellow Republicans in storming the room this week to make a point.

“I’m on foreign affairs so I get to go in there anyway. I joined my colleagues because what’s happening here is a gross miscarriage of justice,” said Wright. About 40 Republicans barged into the secret meeting, enraging Democrats.

However, as Wright said in the same interview, “The American people should be outraged about the manner in which this is being conducted. All we want is a transparent process like previous impeachment inquiries have had.”

Wright also noted that Democrats are conducting the inquiry this way in “an attempt to control the information that the American people get,” and this is exactly why inquires deserve a vote on the House floor.

Not only is this precedent, but many have concluded the Constitution calls for it in article 1, section 2, which states that the House “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” This means the entire House, not just one party.

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