IMPEACHED – They Removed Him From Office…

A high-ranking Republican was just impeached — they removed him from office in a landslide vote. This was a historic, controversial moment, and cameras were there to catch it.

State Rep. Mickey Gates, a Republican lawmaker from Hot Springs, Arkansas, was expelled from the Arkansas House of Representatives in an 88-4 vote after he “pleaded no contest to failing to pay taxes for several years.”

According to a video account, it was an emotional moment on the floor of the Arkansas House. Gates admitted that he was “a flawed individual,” but also said, “I have not been found guilty. I stand before you an innocent man.”

Gates was arrested last summer by the Arkansas State Police and charged with not filing state tax returns for at least five years, however, it is being reported that he worked out an agreement with Garland County prosecutors.

Under the agreement, his charges would be reduced to a single count — yet he would have to pay $75,000 in back taxes and meet other obligations, such as serving probation for six years.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge released a statement applauding the vote. “Gates lived on the taxpayers’ dime and violated their trust by not properly paying taxes, and therefore, he should never hold another public office,” she said.

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