BREAKING: Mental Health Bombshell Stuns Nation – He’s Mentally Ill…

Liam Thomas, the man who became famous for declaring himself a woman and dominating all competition in NCAA Women’s Swimming National Championships is back in the headlines again.

Last year, Liam changed his name to Lia and started swimming as a woman in the NCAA.

He went from one of the top 500 male swimmers in the NCAA to THE BEST female swimmer instantly.

And he never had a problem with it.

Now, a female teammate of Liam’s has gone public in saying that Liam has a mental illness, not courage.

Liam spent most of the 2021/2022 swimming season telling his teammates he didn’t need “anybody’s permission” to swim as a woman.

While liberal outlets tried to call Liam a hero, his female teammates are telling a different story:

“You can tell he is mentally ill,” Thomas’ female teammate said. “I saw the GMA interview and was so disgusted.”

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