Ilhan Omar Reveals Her TRUE Identity… I Knew It

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) just revealed her true identity. She tried keeping Americans in the dark, but Trump supporters knew it from the beginning.

During an interview on MSNBC, Omar stated definitively that she was elected to “be a check and balance to the cruelty of this administration.” Put another way, the only reason she ran for office was to oppose Trump.

She then claimed that now, even though the Democratic Party holds a majority in the House, most of her colleagues “are too busy appeasing this administration,” which couldn’t be more delusional.

The Democrats have largely played the role of obstructor ever since Trump became president, and it’s only become more intense once they took the House this year. It is something they promised to do.

Ironically, however, Omar is so far to the left that even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — who is leading the anti-Trump charge — saw fit to compromise with the president on his border funding plan.

Omar doesn’t see the need. But when your entire campaign platform was “fight Trump,” what else can be expected? Perhaps her constituents will replace her with someone far more reasonable in 2020.

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