Ilhan Omar CAUGHT – Shock TERROR Announcement

Two members of the so-called “Squad” — Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both Democrats, were recently banned from a trip to Israel because they were found to be trying to harm Israel. But it was not until now that the full truth has come out.

Turns out, the pair had planned to meet with groups that promote terrorism against Israeli citizens, including one that promotes Neo-Nazism.

This is especially ironic given the fact that many of Donald Trump’s opponents accuse him – and his supporters – of being Nazis. Meanwhile, Omar and Tlaib are cozying up to actual Nazis who want to cause harm to Israel and her people out of racial hatred.

The group, Miftah, was funding Omar and Tlaib’s little adventure to what they dubbed “Palestine” — a clear shot at the legitimacy of the Israeli government. But it gets even worse.

Mitfah is known to be anti-Semitic and has in the past gone so far as to give praise to suicide bombers. They believe that terrorists are heroic. These are not good people, and there’s absolutely no way that Omar and Tlaib did not know that.

This just goes to show that the modern Democrat party has a major problem with anti-Semitism. Pelosi and others are sitting idle as this happens, because they do not want to upset their base that supports this kind of racism. A day of reckoning is coming for the Democrats on Election Day 2020.

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