Ilhan Omar Caught On Hot Mic – She Admits It

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was just caught in a stunning hot mic moment. She has admitted everything and there’s no way she can back-peddle now. This is exactly what Trump has been warning about for days.

Speaking before a crowd of anti-Trump liberals in Minneapolis, Omar said, “And so since the first day this president introduced the Muslim ban knowing my country — the country I came from …”

You have to “listen closely,” as radio host Chris Berg noted in his tweet of the video. Omar is referring to the president’s travel ban on countries that are currently known hotbeds for terrorist activity, with Somalia being one of them.

As everyone knows, Omar is from Somalia, and her slip-up begs the question: Does she consider herself an American citizen or a citizen of Somalia? It is an important question, and it points to why Trump has called her out on bashing America.

She went on to say that “my country now was on the track of implementing fascist laws, I knew that I had to speak up,” but this time, she was referring to the United States. Does she even know what “fascist” means? It’s more than a buzzword.

Regardless, Omar can’t be allowed to escape the question about her allegiance. She is a U.S. congresswoman who was granted citizenship to the greatest country in the world, but perhaps her heart is somewhere else.

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