Ilhan Omar Bombshell Leaks – She Thought She Could Hide This

Comments made at a closed-door meeting between Rep. Ilhan Omar and several other Democratic lawmakers just went public. This is a bombshell leak — there’s no way Omar can hide from what she did. She may be finished.

During the meeting, which was called by Jewish Rep. Andy Levin to discuss the matter of anti-Semitism, another Jewish member, Rep. Dean Phillips, asked Omar to “publicly affirm Israel’s right to exist and protect itself.” She said nothing.

In fact, the request from Phillips reportedly “stunned the three Muslim Democrats in the room” and Omar never responded to him. A congressional ally of Omar’s changed the subject quickly to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

According to one report, Rep. Rashida Tlaib “grew emotional and started to cry as she spoke of her grandmother’s suffering in the West Bank at the hands of Israelis.” The rest of the meeting moved from one chaotic moment to another.

More than anything else, what this exposes is the brewing civil war within the Democratic Party. On one side, you have Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and other radical, anti-Israel politicians. On the other side, you have establishmentarians like Nancy Pelosi.

None of the Democrats can be trusted by Americans, but it’s clear that extremists like Omar are even too much for some in the party to bear — especially if you’re a Jewish member of the caucus rightfully concerned about anti-Semitism.

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