Ilhan Omar BOMBSHELL – Entire World Shocked

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has finally been exposed. A major bombshell about her just dropped, and the entire world is in shock. She’s finished.

Former Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, said on ‘The Sarah Carter Show’ that Omar does not represent her. “Ilhan Omar does not represent me as a Muslim — does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East,” she said.

Idan, who now lives in the United States, also noted that “in Arab countries we call her the Muslim Brotherhood,” confirming what many have suspected all along about Omar’s ties to Sharia Law.

“She made a lot of us angry — moderate Muslims who escaped Sharia, who are trying to push for moderate Islam and a reform of Islam,” continued Idan in the interview. She even described Omar as “anti-American” in a tweet.

This brings into focus, once again, the underlying reason why President Trump has constantly highlighted Omar’s extreme rhetoric and positions. She is anti-America and anti-Israel; she is a sympathizer with Sharia Law.

As Idan works to moderate Islam for the modern world, voices like Omar try to keep radical Islam alive. It is no wonder that Israel recently banned Omar from visiting the country — she can’t be trusted one bit.

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