Hunter Biden NAILED TO THE WALL – We Got Him

Hunter Biden has had his back against the wall over the last month. Now he might be nailed by new accusations that have come out.

Biden is facing scrutiny over his business dealings in Romania with a businessman who was charged with fraud.

Guilt by association accusations are best avoided but this certainly isn’t a good look for Biden; furthermore, it could suggest more than what we are seeing right now.

The businessman that Biden was working for brought Biden in for legal counseling in fighting the case.

It is being suggested that Biden was brought on the case to leverage the influence of then-Vice President Joe Biden. Even though there may have been no wrongdoing in Romania, it confirms the idea that Hunter was used to gain favors from his father.

Joe Biden just so happened to be the 2nd most powerful person in the world, who wouldn’t want access to him? Did Joe Biden use those power invested in him appropriately? Americans deserve to know those answers.

Read the full story here.

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