HUGE Discovery At Epstein JAIL – Investigators Stunned

The prison where accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was held before his death had a long history of security breaches and anomalies, Fox News reported.

“MCC has had major screw-ups in the past,” said former deputy inspector general for the New York state Department of Corrections Patrick Dunleavy of the Metropolitan Corrections Center where Epstein was held without bail. “It’s strange that they put Epstein there.”

Former CIA employee Joshua Adam Schulte managed to get two cell phones into his cell while at MCC, The inmate used them to leak classified information to the New York Times and transfer assets to co-conspirators.

Schulte’s cellmate Omar Amanat also got ahold of a cell phone that he used to create fraudulent information in an attempt to prove his innocence. An accused terrorist also smuggled in Muslim propaganda including information on bomb-making and distributed it to other inmates.

The only real question is, was Jeffrey Epstein placed at MCC on purpose so that someone could get access to him easily, or were the circumstances of his death–broken cameras and negligent guards–just one more of a long list of problems there?

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