BREAKING: Mike Huckabee Confirms Rumors – Viewers Cheering

Mike Huckabee stopped by Fox News lately, and we’re unsure if he was intentionally looking like Santa Claus or not.

Sporting a nice white beard and a big red shirt, Mike Huckabee may have LOOKED like Santa, but it’s Joe Biden that Huck claims is acting like Santa. But he’s not bringing gifts and cheer to Americans this year, we’re all getting coal.

“If Biden were Santa Claus, people wouldn’t be leaving out cookies and milk, they’d probably be leaving out some soured eggs and rotten things and say ‘here you go, you deserve it.'”

Across a scathing five minutes, Huckabee asserted that the only promise Biden has kept this year is “uniting America.” Unfortunately for liberals, America is uniting AGAINST Biden, not with him.

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