House Says ‘YES’ – Pelosi COLLAPSES…

The House is about to say ‘yes’ and Nancy Pelosi’s leadership has collapsed. The Speaker of the House can no longer hide her miscalculations and misdeeds — it has all come to this moment.

Under intense legal and political pressure, Pelosi has reversed course and decided to hold an official vote on the House floor on whether an impeachment inquiry should be opened on President Trump.

Pelosi was clearly hoping that she wouldn’t have to hold a vote so soon, given that Democrats preferred to conduct their investigation in private and away from accountability. But reality has caught up with them in a big way.

Historically, an impeachment inquiry has included the entire House of Representatives, not just a few leaders or one party. This is for a simple reason: So every member can have a say in the process.

Furthermore, the Constitution clearly states that the House “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment,” and it was never meant to exclude members from the process for political gain.

This vote will get Democrats on record — another reason why Pelosi has been reluctant. She knows that voting for impeachment could hurt her party in swing states in 2020.

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