Horrifying News From North Korea

Last week Conservative Institute reported that South Korean intelligence services had reason to believe North Korea was developing anthrax-laden warheads. At the time, the reports about anthrax were largely speculative. No one was sure what to believe just yet.

Now, that’s all over. A North Korean defector was just discovered to have anthrax antibodies in his blood during a series of medical tests. 

There’s only one conclusion to draw from this — North Korea is almost definitely experimenting with biological weapons. This isn’t looking good for anyone, especially South Koreans. Kim Jong Un needs to be dealt with soon. (Read More…)

ISIS has lost 98% of its territory – the majority of it since Trump became president

American mainstream media outlets really don’t cover the important stories. Of President Trump’s many accomplishments this year, one of the most incredible (and underreported) is the absolute beating he’s been laying on ISIS.

In the last year, ISIS has lost virtually all of the remaining territories it had claimed under it’s “caliphate.” That is an incredible feat.

After growing used to Obama passing the buck on ISIS, few would have expected so much progress in just one year. But Trump has managed to get it done.  (Read More…)

Ben Shapiro says it’s time to ‘defund the United Nations’

Earlier this month, Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient city. He was right to do so and the backlash he faced was both inevitable and predictable.

Of all the protests over the move, the United Nation’s vote to condemn the United States for Trump’s decision was the most ridiculous. Not only was it a toothless action, like everything the U.N. does, but it was just plain wrong.

Ben Shapiro, a vocal and influential conservative commentator, said what most of us think. It’s time the United States stops funding the United Nations. If they’re going to condemn America for supporting an ally, they can say goodbye to the wallets of American taxpayers.

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, threatened as much this week. Let’s see if the member states of the U.N. are ready to put their money where their mouths are. (Read More…)

The first female president won’t be Hillary — could it be rising conservative star Nikki Haley?

Speaking of the U.N., Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador to the international body, has been bringing the heat. She’s been great on the Jerusalem move, better on North Korea, and best of all, she’s been dropping the hammer on the petty dictators and entitled Eurocrats of the General Assembly.

Her no-nonsense attitude and eloquence have garnered a lot of attention. High-profile political influencers have been buzzing about the possibility of Haley being a presidential contender, and perhaps the first female president.

What a nightmare for Hillary. It’s been clear for decades that Hillary viewed the presidency as hers. Somehow, it all slipped away, first in 2008, then in 2016. Now a smart, articulate and conservative woman looks poised to do what she couldn’t. (Read More…)

John McCain’s ‘associate’ subpoenaed over fake Trump dossier

Reports released earlier this month show that John McCain and some of his associates who work for a related non-profit were involved with the Trump dossier. You know, the one that’s been heavily discredited over the last year. It turns out that McCain’s associate, David Kramer, is now under investigation by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

Led by Rep. Devin Nunez of California, this group has subpoenaed Kramer to get him to divulge the names of the Russian sources that provided the information for the dossier. Kramer refused to volunteer the information during a previous interview with the committee. We’ll see if he’s able to stay so tight-lipped under subpoena. (Read More…)

Roy Moore claims voter fraud, legally challenges election results

You may have thought the Roy Moore saga was over. You’re probably correct, but Moore apparently didn’t get the memo.

He’s now blaming voter fraud for his loss in Alabama a few weeks ago. Despite his challenge, his opponent Doug Jones has already been certified by the state of Alabama. Even President Trump called Jones to congratulate him on his victory, and said that Moore should just concede. The likelihood that voter fraud is responsible for a 21,000 vote loss is incredibly low.

It likely has far more to do with all of the sexual misconduct allegations made against Moore by multiple sources. It’s probably best that Moore step back and clear the path for better Republican candidates in the future. (Read More…)

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