HORRIFIC Video Emerges… Bernie Sanders Is DONE

Senator Bernie Sanders is finished. A horrific video from the campaign just emerged, and people can’t believe it. Even Sanders’ supporters are questioning his behavior.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Sanders embarrassed a couple with a baby after the infant made a little nose while he was speaking. “Would you keep that down a little bit?” Sanders shockingly asked.

As can be seen in the video, he even motioned to the baby and temporarily suspended his remarks in order to draw attention to his annoyance. Perhaps this is what happens when you spend a lifetime supporting abortion.

It now appears that even some Sanders’ supporters are jumping ship. According to Breitbart News, quoting former Sanders supporters from an interview with the Washington Post, it is not looking good for the Vermont senator.

“I just feel Warren has more of a better understanding of it all,” said Jonathan Eren. Another former Sanders supporter, Andrew Bauld, said that Sanders “brings it from ‘I’m gonna yell about it, and I’m angry,'” whereas Warren is more energetic.

Now, Warren is just as crazy as Sanders, but this just goes to show that many people can’t stand a sourpuss. This likely signals the end of the road for Sanders — who isn’t getting any younger or less cranky.

See the full story here.

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