Horrible news for Barack Obama

Barack Obama may have used the people of Chicago as a launching pad to national office. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that he actually cares about them.

Obama is in the process of building a mammoth $500 million dollar presidential library in Chicago. A huge project like that usually has major impacts on the people already living there, and the least that the former president could do is allow them a voice in the development of their neighborhoods. But Obama has no such plans. In fact, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to be bothered by community groups “coming out of the woodwork” with their concerns. 

Let’s be honest. Leftists like Obama don’t care about the people — they just want to herd them like so many cattle. (Read More…)

Sen. Lindsey Graham: War is imminent between Israel and Hezbollah, Israelis say

Lindsey Graham is saying that his contacts in Israel are telling him that war is imminent.

Two things. First, Lindsey Graham is a terrible senator on most issues, and I wouldn’t pay him any attention at all outside his narrow range of expertise. Second, Graham is fairly knowledgeable on national security issues in the Middle East, and his position on the Senate Committee on Armed Services gives him some fairly good insights and sources.

If Graham is saying that Hezbollah terrorists are preparing themselves for war on Israel, he’s probably right. But Hezbollah also better be preparing themselves to get the beating of their lives — Israel doesn’t mess around, and they’ve already proved themselves willing and able to dish out major punishment on terrorists who want to harm them. (Read More…)

Texas Democrat refuses to resign from state senate after felony convictions – gets salary and pension

This is taking shameless to a whole new level. Carlos Uresti, a Texas Democrat, was convicted of money laundering and securities fraud in February, but he’s refusing to resign from his position in the State Senate. He’s facing 20 years in prison by the way.

Where are the Texas Democrats on this one? Someone needs to tell this guy that the party’s over, and it’s time to get ready for life in the pen. (Read More…)

Michelle Obama on why she won’t run for president: ‘It’s a better investment’ to create ‘thousands of mes’

So many things wrong here. Let’s list them.

1) The real reason Michelle isn’t running for president is that she’d never win. Americans have no desire to live through another Obama administration.

2) The idea that Michelle is going to be out there trying to clone “thousands of mes” is at least mildly creepy.

3) Michelle (and her husband) aren’t going to be winning any medals for humility anytime soon. She’s literally saying that the best thing she can do for America is to create thousands of people that as just as “special” as her. That’s stunningly arrogant, but I can’t say it’s surprising coming from her. (Read More…)

Eric Bolling warns parents in emotional Opioid Summit talk: ‘Get involved in your kid’s lives’

This is a gut-wrenching story. Eric Bolling, the former Fox host who lost a son to an opioid overdose earlier this year, spoke at Trump’s Opioid Summit earlier this week, and what he had to say was heartbreaking and at the same time crucially important to all of us.

His message? “Get involved in your kid’s lives.” So simple, yet so easy to forget in an increasingly busy and frenetic world. (Read More…)

Report: FBI investigating Ivanka Trump’s business dealings

This comes from CNN so take it with a grain of salt. Their sources are saying that the FBI is investigating a Trump hotel in Vancouver, and specifically investigating whatever role Ivanka Trump may have had in its construction or operation. We don’t know much else about the case at this point.

Does anyone honestly think that this will be the scandal that brings Trump down? It seems like the deep state is growing increasingly desperate to find something, anything that might reflect poorly on the president or his family.

It’s backfiring. The only thing that these sort of investigations are reflecting poorly on are the investigators themselves. (Read More…)

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