Eric Holder Releases Nasty Insult at Trump

Former Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t a big fan of President Trump. When Trump tweeted out this Sunday that the FBI’s reputation is in tatters, Holder got a little upset. Holder responded to Trump’s tweet by saying that the FBI has integrity and honesty, but the White House does not. So a few things, Mr. Holder.

No one believes that the entire FBI is dishonest or lacking integrity, but we have clear proof that some at the top certainly meet that bill. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t investigate Bill Clinton’s $500,000 check from a Russian investment bank (which led to the Uranium One scandal) but went after Paul Manafort, we call it ridiculous. Because it is. We’re sick of double standards. If Manafort and Flynn are guilty, so are Bill and Hillary, and Podesta, and everyone else in the swamp. (Read More…)

Trump’s attorney confirms that he is behind controversial Trump tweet

President Trump tweeted about General Michael Flynn this past Saturday, and people lost it.

Trump tweeted that he fired Flynn for lying to Vice President Pence, but he later asked James Comey to be kind to Flynn when the investigation into the general began. The media blew a gasket when Trump’s Twitter account released the tweet. Fortunately, Donald Trump’s attorney, John Dowd explained that the tweet was issued under his advice, and not by the President alone.

Dowd has noted that he’ll be staying away from offering advice for the President on his tweets. (Read More…)

Trump calls for lawsuits against ABC News after fake news report hurt stock market

First CNN, now ABC News. ‘Fake News’ has become a common term since the presidential election last year when then-candidate Trump started calling out the media for what it is. He’s still at it. After ABC’s Brian Ross falsely reported a rumor about President Trump, the stock market plunged, leading the President to tweet that those who were financially damaged by Ross’s dishonest reporting should file a lawsuit against him.

The mainstream media thinks it can get away with false information, but Trump isn’t having it. He pulls no punches, and he’s already beaten up CNN pretty well. Watch out, ABC News, you might be next. (Read More…)

Delusional Hillary suggests that she’s the real victim of Matt Lauer

Unfortunately, Hillary will never figure out when to lay low and stay out of the news. She just can’t help herself. Last week, she decided to speak up about the Matt Lauer fiasco. Lauer, of course, has been fired due to the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against him. Clinton said Lauer’s firing was ‘karma’ for his tough questioning of her during the campaign.

Thanks for the laugh, Crooked Hillary. If karma were real, you’d be behind bars (and your husband would probably join you there). We didn’t need karma to keep you out of the White House, we just needed Donald J. Trump. (Read More…)

Report: NFL takes money from veteran funds to give to ‘social justice’ fund

Just when the NFL seemed to be making some better decisions, they go and do this… Colin Kaepernick, professional kneeler, is currently jobless because of his antics, and we thought the NFL figured out that promoting such anti-Americanism wasn’t a good strategy. Wrong.

In an interview between NFL player Eric Reid, and Slate magazine, we learned that the NFL will be reallocating money from veteran’s charities to ‘social justice’ organizations. It’s almost as though the NFL hasn’t noticed its declining numbers since it began encouraging activism on the field. Is this the final nail in its coffin? (Read More…)

Trump slams ‘tainted’ FBI agent’s role in Clinton investigation

Eric Holder might be whining about Trump’s criticism of the FBI, but Trump is correct. And this is why. Special Counsel Robert Mueller had to fire an investigator named Peter Strzok from his team for displaying a clear anti-Trump bias. We all know this is how the ‘deep state’ functions. We know they don’t like Trump because he threatens their existence and their unchecked authority.

Strzok may have been fired from the Mueller investigation, but he was also responsible for incredibly important cases like the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the investigation into the largely discredited ‘Trump Dossier.’ Who knows how much damage he’s done to the FBI’s mission of impartial justice? It’s unfortunate that a series of incompetent, self-interested, and biased people in the FBI have damaged the Bureau’s reputation so seriously. (Read More…)

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