Eric Holder makes move to topple Trump

What is it with the Democrats? Their team lost, America is fed up with them, and they just refuse to go home. Obama won’t stop criticizing President Trump, Hillary just did a book tour, and now there’s this.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder just encouraged officials at the Department of Justice to “push back” against Trump and his policies. Holder’s statement is likely due to President Trump’s recent comments that he can do “what [he] wants to do” with the Justice Department.

Trump is really correct here, despite Holder saying that this is “unprecedented” behavior from a president. It’s not as though the President is creating an “attorney army.” Trump merely asserted that he can appoint a special counsel or fire members of the agency if he wants. This is entirely true, whether anyone likes it or not. What is actually unprecedented is a former Attorney General’s attempt to incite federal employees to refuse to do their jobs — all for political reasons. It’s time for you to step back Eric, your time in the Department is over. (Read More…)

Convicted felon to run as Democrat for governor of Connecticut

Connecticut is having a rough… decade. Its residents live with one of the highest tax burdens in America, and the state has been hemorrhaging people for years. The pension system is broken and underfunded, and the state’s credit rating has taken a beating. For the first time in over a century, however, the House and Senate in the state are actually perfectly divided between Republicans and Democrats. And just as things are looking up, the state has a convicted felon, Joe Ganim, running to be Governor!

The worst part is, he actually has a good shot at winning, because the cities are just so loyal to Democrats. Even Ganim serving 7 years of a 9-year sentence for 16 corruption charges it may not be enough for Democrats to lose an election in a blue state. Let’s hope the Republicans in Connecticut, who have been gaining considerable ground recently, can prevent this criminal from making their state any worse. (Read More…)

Trump administration will end discrimination against churches in disaster relief

Candidate Trump promised to “fight back” in the war on Christians in America. It’s gotten worse and worse over the last few years, with Christians being targeted with litigation, ideological retraining, and even imprisonment when they refused to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies. But that trend stopped with Trump’s victory. First, he put an actual constitutionally-focused judge on the Supreme Court. Now, his administration has announced that, unlike during the Obama years, the feds will not discriminate against churches when seeking disaster relief funds.

This means that religious institutions that ask for federal aid money to help people during disasters won’t be denied simply because they’re religious. Obama administration officials at FEMA thought it was a breach of the separation of church and state to do so. This is nonsense, and it flies in the face of history and constitutional law. Thank goodness he’s gone. (Read More…)

Melania strikes back: book claiming she did not want Trump to win is ‘fiction’

A new book about the early days of the Trump White House was just released by Michael Wolff, a liberal journalist who has a tenuous relationship with the truth. The book makes a variety of unusual and probably unbelievable claims that have sparked controversy in the last few days. One of the more dubious claims involves the First Lady. Wolff claims that Melania cried ‘tears — not of joy’ when her husband won the election.

Melania didn’t hesitate for a minute, categorically denying the claim. Her spokesperson released a statement saying that the book will be sold in “the bargain fiction section.” Well said, Madame First Lady. (Read More…)

Technician who deleted Hillary’s emails received immunity – after lying to the FBI

The Republican House Intelligence Committee investigation keeps exposing FBI malfeasance. Yesterday we learned that the computer technician who “bleached” (read: deleted) everything on Hillary’s email servers lied to the FBI, and got away with it! He initially told FBI investigators that he didn’t remember deleting all of her emails… until he did remember deleting all of them.

This is the same offense that Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the FBI to come after Hillary’s IT guy. Instead, they gave him immunity, and as we all know, went on to change the language describing Hillary’s gross negligence as “extreme carelessness.”

It’s almost as though the FBI had some sort of partisan agenda which prevented it from being impartial! Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened. (Read More…)

Individual threatens to assassinate Donald Trump, posts picture of weapon

We have a tolerant liberal alert, folks. President Trump was recently expressing his condolences to the family of Thomas Monson, a Mormon religious leader who passed away, when someone on Twitter decided to post a picture of a rifle, tag President Trump’s Twitter account, and say “you’re next.” You know, just a standard assassination threat from the Left.

Threats like these aren’t funny, they’re serious. When a deranged Bernie supporter lashed out at Republicans last year in Virginia, he ended up shooting four people on a baseball field during a Republican baseball team practice session. Rep. Steve Scalise nearly died from the incident. These people need to be taken seriously, found, and dealt with accordingly. (Read More…)

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