BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms SENATE Bombshell – Voters Cheering…

Fans of David McCormick have reason to celebrate:

The Republican U.S. Senate hopeful David McCormick has just gotten the endorsement of one of America’s most influential conservatives, Mark Levin.

Levin said that McCormick would make an “excellent senator.”

“Well, let me just say this, you know, I’m an old Pennsylvanian, but I don’t live there right now. I still love that state. I loved going back to that state as a kid. I used to go to Independence Hall all the time, went to Penn State one summer, all that, went to Temple University. I do think you would make an excellent senator. I really do. I’m listening to you. I’ve listened to you before. So I do think you would make an excellent senator. So let me just say that to you.”

“Thank you,” McCormick responded. “That means a lot to me. And we both love Pennsylvania. We both love our country. Pennsylvania is where it all began. And you are doing, you know, doing a great job and the way you’re doing it fighting for our country. And this is my chance to fight for our country too. So thank you for having me today.”

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