Hillary SHELLSHOCKED – Trump Finally Did It

Thanks to Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, President Donald Trump’s DOJ has more than enough information to re-open its investigations into Hillary Clinton, including the Benghazi investigation and the email scandal.

Clinton claimed the Benghazi attack came out of a spontaneous uprising rather than admitting it was a terror attack that claimed the lives of 4 Americans. Documents showed Clinton also ignored requests for increased security and cut security to the U.S. Special Mission prior to the attack.

Recent interviews with John Hackett revealed that he believes Clinton’s staff held back Benghazi-related emails from being turned over to the DOJ and that staff members created and Clinton used an unsecure email server to send classified information.

Other staff members said they warned Clinton repeatedly not to use unsecured Blackberrys to send information.

Searches for emails sent with the unsecure server are still ongoing.

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