Hillary Clinton obliterated on national TV

You know things aren’t going well for Hillary Clinton when even The Daily Show, an institution of the left, is coming after her. Last week, Trevor Noah, who hosts the show, decided to lay out the case against Clinton in a surprisingly reasonable and incisive manner. And he didn’t just softball his analysis.

Noah directly criticized Clinton for protecting sexual predators while effectively punishing victims. On the Left, this is commonly referred to as “victim blaming” and among Hillary’s campaign advisors it’s referred to as “strategy.” I’m of course kidding, they would never admit it aloud. But this is the reality of Hillary’s actions.

When a woman stepped forward to report the harassment she suffered at the hands of Hillary’s “faith advisor,” Burns Strider, she merely docked Strider’s pay, and told him to “seek counseling,” but kept him on staff. The victim, however, was relocated. Strider, on the other hand, went on to work in Democrat politics until he was accused again, and then fired. Hillary is a hypocrite, and that’s why even people on the Left are starting to tire of her. (Read More…)

Eric Bolling reveals horrifying details about opioid crisis that killed his only son

Opioids are a major problem in this country and few politicians or public figures have adequately addressed it — with the exception of President Trump, who has declared it a public health emergency. There have been various efforts in some states to try and curb opioid use, but it’s still an enormous issue throughout much of the country. Eric Bolling, a former Fox News commentator, recently detailed just how terrible the opioid epidemic has been for him personally.

Bolling’s son, also named Eric, passed away after purchasing “Xanax” from a street dealer. That Xanax was laced with fentanyl which is apparently 10,000 times more powerful than morphine. It is a tragic story that’s all too common today, and restricting access to these drugs needs to be a priority. (Read More…)

George Soros denies plot against Israel’s immigration policy

We recently covered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposing George Soros’s attempt to thwart deportations of asylum seekers from Israel. Netanyahu is not known for pulling punches, and Soros isn’t used to politicians calling him out — most would rather benefit directly or indirectly from the billionaire’s money.

Soros isn’t very happy with the Prime Minister and he’s publicly denying Netanyahu’s claims. President Victor Orban of Hungary knows what Soros is up to also. He said that Soros used his wealth, power, and influence to bring waves of migrants into Hungary and the rest of Europe. At least some major leaders know what Soros is up to and won’t let him get away with it. (Read More…)

Unlikely alliance: Israel conducted over 100 airstrikes in Egypt – with permission

Israel has joined with a somewhat unexpected ally in the last two years to defeat the Islamic State militants. That ally is the Egyptian military, and the joint operations are being conducted to remove militants from Egyptian land in the Sinai Desert. Although it seems like an unlikely alliance, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Egypt and Israel have a long history of cooperation, usually through diplomatic back-channels. It’s a strange relationship but it seems to produce good results. (Read More…)

Trump accuses Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff of ‘leaking confidential information’

Rep. Adam Schiff of California is the quintessential political hack. As the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, he is the primary deliverer of talking points, and he’s developed a tenuous relationship with the truth. Early in 2017, Schiff stated that he had definitive evidence of Trump or his campaign directly colluding with Russians. Shockingly… he never produced the evidence.

Trump has had enough finally, and he’s punching back against “Little Adam Schiff.” He’s accused Schiff of leaking confidential information from his Committee. It might seem like a stretch to some, but remember: so many of Trump’s tweets that the media and others have mocked have turned out to be true. Remember when he said the Obama administration wiretapped him? It’s safe to say he was correct. (Read More…)

Rep. Steve King issues warning: ‘Watch closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints’

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King thinks he’s discovered the key to the FISA warrant scandal that’s been brewing over the last month or so. We now know that Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General, was signing off on FISA warrants. Remember, Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona while Hillary was under investigation. Furthermore, Obama was knowingly sending emails to Hillary’s unsecured email address, and he had good reason to want the inquiry into the matter dissolved.

Rep. King believes there’s a good chance that former-President Obama has more to do with these scandals than we currently recognize. He’s calling for a deeper investigation into anything that turns up any of “Obama’s fingerprints.” It’s for good reason, no doubt. Obama can’t be trusted, he’s demonstrated that too many times. (Read More…)

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